News 2020
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News 2020


We are planning puppies for 2021

For mor information click on the photo.

Voor meer informatie, klik op de foto. 


New photos of Pien!


Happy Birthday CRAZY girl.

Love you to the moon and back..


Mozi (KK Moon of My Life) was here to visit us.
Of course we had to take some photos of this beautiful young man.

So well behaved and gorgeous!


Happy Birthday Lana, 10 years old today.
On to many more years together sweet lady Lana-Fee.


Show time!

This weekend RRCD had a double show in Ennepetal.

On 12.09 the judge was L. Scheider

Kuanzia Kani the Dragon Remembers ~ Banjoko entered Junior class
1 Excellent – JCAC ✨


Daddy Bonganis Brave Baghira Veteran class – 2 Excellent ✨


On 13.09 the judge was H. Salm

Kuanzia Kani the Dragon Remembers ~Banjoko entered Junior class
1 Very Good✨

Daddy BaghiraVeteran class – 1 Excellent ✨

Kxoxo Eywa Elemento Kani ~ Khami entered Champion class

1 Excellent CAC VDH
Best Female 2 res CAC RRCD

And to close the day with a Big Bang Baghira was chosen as BEST VETERAN



Fast dog alert!

This weekend Viktor ran in ”Finland fastest dog” race (unoffcial) in open Maxi-class 280m at time 24.61s and was 5th off 15 dogs in his class!


Viktor ~ Kuanzia Kani the First of His Name entered his first ever show today. Together with Niina he entered the ring on the RR specialty in Järvenpää. With just barely 9 months he did so well. Even though all the surroundings were quite new to him he handled it all really good.

He got Very Good. Super proud of this gorgeous boy. And of owners Niina and Mika who trained him so well during these weird times.


Some new photos of Khami


Time for a short holiday and at the same time show trip.

Me and Joyce took Khami and Ani on a short week to Slovenia.

There were 4 shows in 4 days, a good reason to make the long travel.
While we had planned to see so much of the surroundings, it was so hot while we were there that during the day it was too hot to do anything at all.
Luckily we were sceduled in the morning program each day for the shows.

Khami entered Champion Class (for the first time, right after she got her ch title in March all shows were cancelled because of Covid) and I am happy to say she did really well !

Day 1: judge Mr. I. Selimovic (HR)
1 Excellent ~ CAC SLO

Day 2: judge Mr. J. Branislav (SI)
2 Excellent ~ res CAC SLO

Day 3: judge Mr. G. Fulgenzi (IT)
4 Excellent

Day 4: judge Mr. D. Kuzelj (SI)
1 Excellent ~ CAC SLO
res Best Female ~ res CACIB

Joyce and Ani came and concurred! Ani gained her last point needed to become SLO CHAMPION !!

There are no pix from the show. It was too hot to stand in the sun, so as soon as both girls had been in the ring we would run back to our tent to the shade 😉 So instead a pix we made in evening 🙂



First show for the puppies!
Kunazia Kani the Dragon Remembers ~ Banjoko’s turn both days on Hamburg Open Air 2020.

Saturday the judge was Mr. Scheider.
Banjoko gained 1 Very Promising 🤩

Sundays judge was Mrs. Melchior-Schlechter.
Banjoko gained 1 Very Promising 🤩


New photos!
Kuanzia Kani Kissed by Fire ~ Flame
Flame lives in Finland with Essie and her bbf Labrador Smokey and is co-owned by Kati



Today we had a get together for our B-litter.
All living close enough to join us were there, except the 3 puppies living in Finland.
What a blast it was. All dogs behaved so well. Daddy Baghira, Khami, Lana and Amon also joined us.


Photos speak louder than words.

Viktor 6 months ❤ Weight 30kg, Height 62cm.


Visiting Mozi in his own home.
Of course Khami joined me 🙂


Visit from Pien!

Time for some new photos 🙂


“Sometimes the heart sees, what is invisible to the eye”

I have seen it in my heart for many years now and slowly it is coming closer to make this visible to the eye. For the future this is what I have in mind.

Puppies after Khami and Kani ❤

Good things take time and dreams should be pursued and that is what I am doing.
Thank you Snezka, again for making this beautiful piece of art. Knowing and feeling what I have in mind and making it into something visible ❤Kati, thank you for this wonderful girl. For me she is all I could wish for and more ❤
Tuija, thank you for sending Kani to me all those years ago. You know how much he meant and still means to me ❤


Puppies are growing (up) !
All doing well, settlingin in their new homes, even when things are not easy with COVID19, the owners are doing their best socializing them with as much as possible.


The day has arrived for Banjoko to go off to his forever home.
Daniela doesn’t have to drive here anymore every weekend 😉

It is time for Banjoko to settle into his new home. Looks like he is doing a wonderful job 🙂



What a weekend it has been!

Kxoxo Eywa Elemento Kani ~ Khami and me have spend the weekend together with Joyce and Ani on Martini Dogshow 2020.

On Saturday Khami gained 1 Excellent in Open class and was later chosen as reserve best female with res CAC and full CACIB ✨Judge M. Johansson, Sweden

On Sunday she was in Open class together with her BFF Ani ❤️.Khami was placed 1 Excellent so could again come back for best female.And she won!

Best Female with CAC and CACIBWith this result she fulfilled conditions for ✨Dutch Champion✨Judge J. Wauben.
Just 3 months after giving birth to 10 wonderful pups! So super proud of her❤️
Thank you Joyce and Ani for support and good times 😘Thank you Kati for this amazing girl 🥰


I recieved new photos of Viktor.
He has settled in well with Niina, Mika and brother Peetu.


Little miss ridgeless KK My Reign Has Just Begun aka Donna has left today.
Linda and Sydney will give her a true palace to life in.

The only one left now is Banjoko. He will have to wait a little longer before he can join Daniela and Patrick.
We will take a little break from social media and get back to my normal life.

It has been AMAZING once again!


So then there were only two left.

Banjoko and Donna will stay with me a little longer. But all others have left for their new homes.
It has been 8 incredible weeks! Tough but all worth it!
The puppies have grown into amazing individuals (at least I think so 😉) with each a character of their own. Ive done all I can to give them the best start they could have, having them leave was difficult (YES I cried with each one of them😉) but I know they will have the best new homes they could wish for.

Thank you to all of you giving “my” babies a warm and loving home ❤️And thank you to, Esther, Joyce, Joke, Jolinde, and mum I could not have done this without your help and devotion. (I’m pretty sure I’m forgetting someone, let me know 😉)

Thank you Daniela and Patrick for letting me use your precious boy. Khami and Baghira have done so well together ❤️ Until he is ready Banjoko will stay with me, I’ll enjoy having him a while longer. But can’t wait for him to join his daddy in your loving home.


Today has been a rollercoaster of emotions. 4 pups left ..

First miss ridgeless KK the Things I Do for Love aka Noortje left. Martha Ben will together with big ridgeback sister take the very of care of her!

Kati (Khamis breeder) has been here for the past days to see the puppies and take 3 home with her to Finland.
Miss 3 crown, KK a Golden Crown aka Pinda, Miss Yellow KK Kissed by Fire aka Flame and Mister Grey KK the First of His Name aka Viktor.

Pinda will spend her life with her new familiy who also have Khami’s sister Max. Flame will go and life with Essie and labrador Smokey. She is co-owned with Kati. Viktor will spend a few more days with Kati before moving in with Niina, Mika and Peetu who is brother to Khami.

I was so relieved to finally get the message that they had all landed savely in Finland and that all 3 pups were doing really well.


Slowly the house is getting more empty. Today Mister Green, Kuanzia Kani Dracarys aka Boaz has left to his new home.

He will accompany Kayla with their humans Jan and Marianne. Not only that, but also a lot of other animals around the house to become friends with. Kayla immediatly accepted Boaz and he could sleep next to her.


Mister Turquoise, Kuanzia Kani Moon of My Life aka Mozi has left the building.
As much as it hurts to see all the puppies go, I know they are all going towards a wonderful home and life.
Mozi will have his human brother to grow up and old with, accompanied by their human parents Danielle en Niels.


Mister Blue, Kuanzia Kani the Lion and the Rose aka Yaro is the second to leave. He will spend his new life with his 4 humans and 4 legged friends Seba and Tygo. He fitted right in!


Miss Pink, Kuanzia Kani I Drink and Know Things aka Pien is the first to leave and start her life with her new family and big brothers Thimba and Pelle.

The first meeting with her brothers went perfect.
Thimba soon accepted her to sleep on the same sofa 😉

Pien will live her life with Susan and Patrick but is co-owned with me.