News 2015
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News 2015

Puppy plans !!

We are planning a second and last litter for Lana.

If all goes as planned the planning will take place in Winter 2016. At this moment we are in search of her Mister Right!

If you are interest in a puppy from Lana or just want more information don’t hestitate to contact me.

New photos

New photos from Amon !

Road trip!

Road trip !! This time a short one to Hanover 🙂
Me and Esther together with Amon, Daka and Azuma spend the night in Hanover to enter the CACIB show the next day.

Amon entered in Intermediate class and gained 3rd place Excellent. I also showed Azuma and she gained 1 Excellent in Veteran Class. Always a pleasure to show her !

My first RR love...

we have had a few nerve wrecking weeks, but we finally got the green light today.
Darell is fine ! He has had a weird cough for a while and when this increased we had him checked by the vet.
X-rays, ultrasounds of abdomen and heart showed no problems. X-rays of his lungs looked like there could be something.

After weeks of medication he now seems fine again. X-rays looked better ! So he is in the clear (for now) !


Happy Birthday to all Marondera puppies ! Happy 6th B-day !


Wonderful walk. Darell, Lana with half brother Duncan and her 3 sons Dynno, Ramses and Amon. Perfect weather, perfect walk.
All dogs got along great. The 3 brothers are very much a like but at the same time not at all, haha 🙂

Day two in Zwolle

Amon again entered Intermediate class and gained 3 Excellent.
Also Ayla was entered in Intermediate class and gained 3 Excellent aswell !

Amon wins !

Another show , this time in Zwolle close to home 🙂
Amon entered Intermediate class and gained 1 Excellent !

Another day, a different result 😉

Day two in Maastricht. Under breed specialist Orit Nevo Amon was awarded 4 Excellent in Intermediate class.

CAC and CACIB !!

What a day at International Dog Show Maastricht NL.
Amon entered intermediate class and won ! In competition for Best Male Amon won too and was awared with CAC and CACIB! A kick off to another title!
Thank you to judge Ms. Horsten Ceuterman for awarding Amon with this result!

RRCN Clubshow 2015

Rhodesian Ridgeback Club Nederland clubshow.
Entered were Jali, Ayla, Ayize and Amon.
Jali entered in Intermediate and gained Excellent, Ayla entered breeders class and was awarded Excellent. Ayize entered Intermediate class and gained Very Good and Amon entered breeders class and was awarded Excellent, short cut to the last 5 but the line up were 4 bigger dogs and then Amon 😉 He could not compete with the big boys 😉 But nevertheless happy with the result!

Heath screening results

More X-ray news !
Mister Green Kuanzia Kani Akinlana Mtoto ~ Ramses is HD A – LTV 0 – Spondylose free !
And his sister Miss Pink Kuanzia Kani Abeni Jali ~ Jali is HD A – LTV 1 – Spondylose free !

New photos

Some new photos of Amon

Beautiful inside and out !

After weeks of waiting after the x-rays were taken we finally received the last results today for Amon.

ED 0/0
OCD 0/0 (shoulder)
Spondylose: 0 *
DM: clear by parentage
EOAD: High Confident Clear by parentage
Eyes: clear

So happy with all the results !

* officialy examend in Finland by A. Lappalainen

CACIB Luxembourg

International dogs show Luxembourg, many hours on the road, little sleep, good company and nice atmosphere.
Amon gained Excellent in Intermediate class, no placement.
Meeting Elena and Willy again after 1,5 year was wonderful, showing them Amon and them getting to meet him in person as a “grown” dog too!

New photos

Some new photos of Amon


Show weekend, this time in Rotterdam CACIB.

Amon his last 2 chances to gain the title of Junior Champion.
On Saturday Amon gained 3 Excellent in Junior Class. Wonderful report from judge Mr. Ritter (FR)
On Sunday Amon again did his very best, we had a nice big ring so we could show movement as we should be able to.
Judge was Mr. J. Sloot (NL) and he placed Amon 1 Excellent !
With this result he fullfilled the condition for DUTCH JUNIOR CHAMPION 2015 !!!

New photos

Amon 17 months old now, so time for some new photo’s 🙂

All breed show result

Today at an all breed club show Amon was 1 Excellent in his class and Best Male. Lana entered too and was 3 excellent! Breed entry 16.
Completely exhausted after an amazingly fun weekend, lots of laughter, fun, food and drinks (many!) and little sleep !

And so we start...

..our way to a Champion title

New day, new results!
Amon entered Intermediate Class and gained 1 Excellent CAC VDH. He was also 2nd best male with res CAC RRCD which will be full CAC!!
Sister Jali entered too and gained 2 Excellent with res cac!
Kani’s beautiful daughter Sham entered Open class and won, gaining her last needed point for German Champion !!

Munster day 1

Day 1 this weekend from showing in Munster. Amon entered intermediate class for the 1st time and we had hoped for “better” result.
Amon rocked the ring, stood like a pro, moved wonderful and the judge commented on the report: Powerful male with very masculin head, good topline, Very good angulation front and rear, spacious ground covering gait.

Amon was placed 3rd Very Good, with the comment of the judge that he didn’t move well enough…. Left me a bit confused as I heard the judge read the report 🙂 Well maybe he was confused too 😉 We had a fun day, another day tomorrow.


Kani’s son and look-a-like Bongani’s Brave Baghira, is now official RRCD Club Champion ! Congratulations !
Picture from the “happy moment”, so happy and proud !


Another coursing day organised by RRCN, this time close to home in Rijssen.

Amon had to start in the adult class as he is 15 months already so had to compete against MANY other and older dogs.
He knew what was coming and I could hardly hold him at the start. Like an arrow he went and had so much fun again!

At the end of the day I was so surprised to hear Amon’s name called as the winner of the adult males 🙂
And to top it of he was also fastest dog of the day 🙂 Thank you RRCN for another wonderful day, thank you Hondencompleet for the wonderful present and thank you Joyce (Kynocompleet) for the massage Amon got before his 2nd run !

Happy Birthday...

Today is a day to celebrate !!
Darell van de Jack Bulls Hoeve aka Darell turns 11 years today !

My first Ridgeback, my ever naughty dog 🙂
His big dark head is slowly turning grey, or should I say white, but he is still going strong and enjoying every day to the fullest.
Sweet Darell, on to MANY, MANY more years xx

Also today Amon was entered at CACIB Arnhem, he entered Junior Class and gained 3 excellent (from 11).
Super result for my little man!


Amon entered the class for 12 until 15 months and gained a wonderful 2nd place with a super time !
So much fun for the dogs ! Amon truly enjoyed it so much. The first run was good, the 2nd run he knew what was coming and as even better!


Some new photos of my beautiful co-owned girl Kuanzia Kani Awena Eywa ~ Ayla

SHOWTIME - 2nd title for Amon

This time Amon was entered to the Braboshow in Antwerp.

Susan came to join me on the show as my regular “show-buddies” couldn’t be there.
Amon was entered in Junior class and gained 1 Excellent (1/4) giving him the Crufst Qualification we were after!

In competition for Best Junior Amon won !

With this result he can gain his 2nd title to his name : Brabo Junior Winner 2015

RRCN offspring day

Yearly offspring day from the Rhodesian Ridgeback Club Nederland, after being there with Kani a few times after he sired a litter and years of helping, it was my turn to be proud and show my own puppies!!

All 10 puppies were present !! A BIG thank you for all the owners who were there with their pup! So happy to have all of them together.

The pups all got wonderful reports from the judge. All were behaving like they should, happy, tail wagging and jumping instead of running 😉

I couldn’t be more proud, they have turned out just like I had in mind when I planned the litter. Judge came to me to compliment me on their behavior and character and THAT is what is the most important to me !

Some photo’s from that day can be found here

Have a safe journey sweet Kanyo <3

April 9th, what used to be a happy date has forever turned into a sad date.
Today Kani would have turned 9 years, unfortunately he is already over the Rainbow Bridge.

And on his birth date he was joined at the Rainbow Bridge by his son Kanyo…

Almost a year ago we removed an Insulinoma on his pancreas. For a long time Kanyo has done really well. But in the past few weeks we had signs and indications that the tumor had returned. This time the tumor was located on the worst possible place, Kanyo didn’t make it through surgery despite all the efforts that were made.

Run free beautiful boy, no more weakness in your body, just forever able to run as much as you want.
I hope Kani was there waiting for you and that you are together again. We will miss you so much, so much…

Girls weekend..with two boys 😉

Show weekend in Holland, Esther, Joke and me entered 3 dogs to CACIB Goes on both days.
Amon was entered in Junior Class, on saturday he gained 3 Excellent with a super report from the judge!

On Sunday he gained 1 Excellent, his 2nd placement for Dutch Junior Champion, only 1 more to go!
He was also chosen as 2nd Best Male, giving him the full CAC for Dutch Champion as Best Male already is Dutch Champion !

``Puppy`` meeting

Puppy meeting with 8 from 10 puppies. Wonderful day, with wonderful people, wonderful dogs. Laughter food and drinks and so much fun for the dogs!
Extremely proud of our A-babies, all have excellent open characters, curious and happy and not afraid of anything 😉

Some new photos from all puppies who were present !

Amon his 1st title!

Together with Joke and Edjin, me and Amon drove to Alpen in Germany to enter the Landessiegerschau West from RRCD.
Amon entered Junior Class and won, giving him JCAC RRCD and JCAC VDH. Later he won Best Junior giving him his first title: Landesjugendsieger West ! In competition for Best Male Amon WON !!! Just 12 months old winning his first Best Male placement, I am so proud !


Today is the day I had to say goodbye to my best friend, my defender, my precious my soul….

After 3 intense weeks Kani decided that it was time for him to go. He was diagnosed with a carcinoma in his rectum 3 weeks ago. From that day we even more intensely lived our lives together. Until the last few hours Kani has been a strong and brave dog.
He was asking me to let him go and so I did.. Breaking my heart and him taking a big piece of my heart with him.
Until we meet again..

Malozi Jamboni ~ Kani 09-04-2006 – 21-02-2015
Lana back in showring!

Amon and Lana entered the CAC show in Castrop Rauxel Germany today. Amon entered Junior Class and gained 1 Excellent with JCAC Club and JCAC VDH ! So proud of the little man !

Lana after a looooong time entered also and she gained 3rd Excellent !


Starting the new year with a new stacked photo of Amon, 11 months and still developing nicely 🙂