About Us
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About Us

Me and my dogs live in Lemelerveld, as small town in the east of Holland.
We live there in a lovely cosy house, which used to be a farm, in the country-side, close to the woods and places to walk.


From very young age I have been an animal lover. Still living with my parents we used to have a German Shepherd mix and after he died
I got my first pet at the age of 11, a European short haired cat. He lived up to the age of 19 years. And spend the last year of his life with my mother, as I had moved out and didn’t want to change his living surroundings at such an old age.


After moving out of my parental house I soon had 2 cats myself as I could not life without any animals around me.
Not long after I started the search for a dog.


Since 18 years I am working as a vet nurse in a big clinic close to home. A job I love doing. So even when I am not at home I am surrounded by animals.


My history with the breed started 18 years ago, when looking for a dog to accompany our lives we came across the Rhodesian Ridgeback.
These dogs seemed for me the perfect companions in character and looks.


I bought my first Ridgeback in 2004, Darell van de Jack Bulls Hoeve, a correct dark weaten little boy, who turned out into a strong, powerful male with a mind of his own. Darell has been shown in his younger years and has done well. During these shows I found there was still so much more to learn about the breed. It soon became clear to me that there had to be another Ridgeback added to our family and in 2006 Malozi Jamboni – Kani, joined our pack. Kani was imported from Finland from kennel Malozi. I started showing him at young age and he turned out to do really well on shows.In 2009 Kani sired his first litters and eventually in 2010 I decided to add another Ridgeback to my home. This time a girl, Lana was imported from kennel Red Pack’s in Germany where Kani sired their A-litter.


I applied for a kennel name in 2009, I wanted to secure the name “Makani”, it was the intention that Kani’s full name should be Malozi Jamboni Makani, but unfortunately the Dutch kennel club would not change the name. Since a long time Makani had also been my domain name for the website. At that time I did not have the intention to breed, but just wanted to secure it for the (possible) future. Unfortunately the name was taken right before I applied and I had to think of something else.


In 2011 my kennel name “Kuanzia Kani” was approved by FCI and the Dutch Kennel club.
In Swahili Kuanzia mean “beginning with/starting with” and I added Kani, so Kuanzia Kani means, beginning with Kani.


Lana grew up into a self confident but kind and gentle lady. She gained some wonderful results on show. The combination of her character and her looks and the fact that we would like other people to enjoy the happiness of having a little bit of Lana in their lives we decided to breed a litter with her. In February 2014 the first Kuanzia Kani litter was born.


From this litter we kept mister Blue, also known as Amon. A bright energetic star in our household. Always happy, tail wagging and outgoing.
A great will to please and the best character we could have wished for! A choice made by heart and the best choice we could have made at that point in our lives!

His full name is Kuanzia Kani Ahadi Kwangu, Ahadi Kwangu means “promise to me”.